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I didn’t always want to be a writer, simply for the fact that I truly didn’t know it was an option. Growing up I loved reading so much that I thought authors must have special powers or live behind gilded gates somewhere far away from where I lived in rural eastern Washington State.

Still not seeing a literary life as my path, I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management from Arizona State University and went to work for a large airplane manufacturer in the Seattle area as a buyer/contract administrator. I’d always had a love of travel, having grown up in a travel-loving family, but this job took me to places such as New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland and Scotland. I should have realized I was a writer when, while visiting these countries and touring fabric and carpet mills, which I found fascinating, my imagination was on fire with story ideas. Still, I didn’t think I could write.

And then one day, while visiting with my now-husband’s brother and his girlfriend, the girlfriend mentioned she was writing a book. She was the first person I’d ever met who professed to be a writer and she appeared normal, not like the fabled creatures of my imagination. It was then that I realized that anyone can write. I could try to write a book! That girl, Carolynn, is now my sister-in-law and I will forever be grateful to her for opening my world to the possibility that I could be a writer.

Not long later, I quit that buying job to pursue writing full-time as well as to become a wife and mother. Today I live near Seattle with my husband and two sons and find that a perfect day includes time spent with them, exercise, time spent outdoors, hot tea, a variety of vegetables, and writing. Lots and lots of writing.

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